“We will never again allow relocations, layoffs, or precariousness to be justified by the climate crisis.” – An interview with Dario Salvetti

In a recently published blog post, ESEE’s very own Emanuele Leonardi and Mimmo Perrotta discuss the convergence of worker and environmental movements in Italy. They interview Dario Salvetti from the GKN Workers’ Collective, about whether and how a resistance to the current extractivist economic system is possible – an economic system which exploits both nature and labour, while pitting pitting workers against climate concerns for its own gain.

“The reality is that climate justice cannot be achieved without touching the deepest and most dominant economic interests in society. Climate justice cannot be achieved without clashing against the dense web of economic interests at the top of society.” (Dario Salvetti)

Head over to Project PPR to read the interview, the history of the GKN Collective, and the analysis of worker-environmentalist convergences in Italy.