On this page, we share Hot Topics published in our seasonal newsletter, featuring various topics related to ecological economics written by ESEE Board Members and Country Contacts.

Loss and Damage on the Rise

By Andrew L. Fanning, Doughnut Economics Action Lab and ESEE Board Member — Loss and damage refers to burdens caused by the climate crisis that cannot be avoided through mitigation or reduced through adaptation. Examples include the loss of lives, capabilities, and ecosystem services through exposure to unprecedented heat and sea-level rise, or rebuilding infrastructure and relocating homes after extreme...

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Report from the World Congress on Climate Justice

By Federico Scirchio, Independent researcher and activist in the (Italian) Network of Political Ecology — The World Congress for Climate Justice took place in Milan (Italy) on October 12-15 this year. This radical event brought together more than 60 collectives, associations and political groups that make up the dense climate justice archipelago. The main idea was to create the ‘First...

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