Series of Ecological Economics Lectures on YouTube – by Dan O’Neill

Dan O’Neill’s popular Youtube series introduces different topics in Ecological Economics, including Limits to Growth, the comparison of Neoclassical and Ecological Economics, Limits to Growth, Degrowth, Money creation, and many more.

Ecological Economics Podcast series #EconomicsForRebels – by Alexandra Köves

Alexandra Köves’ ESEE podcast aims to communicate Ecological Economics ideas – to open them to critical discussion and test their applicability, from global problems to people’s everyday lives. Sometimes, the topic of discussion centres on potential solutions, sometimes on unanswered questions. It is always about learning how to act more effectively for a socially just and environmentally sustainable future. A new episode comes out every second Monday. Follow Economics for Rebels on Spotify or any other podcast channel to receive the news on the new episode:  https://open.spotify.com/show/47QC99TJF855AX0zj4ShfX


If you wish to suggest topics/guests to the editors or consider hosting episodes yourself, feel free to contact us: alexandra.koves@uni-corvinus.hu

“Can Economic Growth Really Solve Climate Change?” Presentation – by Duncan Austin

Are you looking for information about the interactions between economic growth and environmental (un)sustainability?

Duncan Austin has put together a helpful presentation about why economic growth will not solve climate change, accessible in a pdf form.

The presentation is meant for everyone – students, educators, interested laypeople as well as high-level policymakers – interested in the topic, and provides an overview of current debates on the environmental effects of continued economic growth and the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis.