ESEE Membership advantages:

Being ESEE member brings a lot of advantages:

  • Reduced registration fees at ISEE/ESEE sponsored events, including biennial ISEE and ESEE conferences.
  • ESEE annual printed newsletter and monthly electronic newsletter as well as ISEE biannual newsletter.
  • Subscription to the electronic version of the ESEE journal Environmental Policy and Governance at a substantially reduced rate.
  • Subscription in paper format and/or electronic version of the journal Ecological Economics at a substantially reduced rate.
  • Free internet access to the journal Environmental Values.
  • 30% discount on Wiley and Blackwell Publishing Limited books.
  • Special discounts on other selected books.
  • ISEE and ESEE web sites and social networks offering useful information to members, such as a membership database, job openings in the field and research funding opportunities.
  • The opportunity to network with researchers in Ecological Economics across Europe and around the world and to support the advancement of Ecological Economics in many ways such as supporting network activities for Horizon 2020

Join ISEE/ESEE (as ordinary member)

Renew your membership (as ordinary member)

Special offer for students:

As a student (incl. PhD) you have two membership options:

1. Active student members: You are an ordinary paying member of ISEE and ESEE with full membership rights in both organizations. You will still be registered as a student in our files (as long as you tick the box concerning this information when registering). This membership status implies that you are also granted the special right to vote for student members of the ESEE board, stand as a candidate for student member representation on the ESEE Board and are allowed to pay student rates at our conferences.

Join ISEE/ESEE as ‘active student member’ (ordinary membership)

2. Student members: You are a member of ESEE only, but obtain this status for free. You have the same rights as paying ESEE members, except that you have no voting rights. You will, however, receive the same benefits as paying members of ESEE like reduced conference fees, newsletter, access to publications with reduced prices etc. However, as a member of ESEE only, you will not acquire any of the ISEE-specific benefits.

Join ESEE as ‘student member’ (restricted membership)

If you are a student and want to explore the free student option, click on ‘Join ESEE as ‘student member’. Otherwise follow the route for ‘Join ISEE/ESEE as active student member’. If you want to renew your ISEE/ESEE membership follow the route for ‘Renew your membership’.

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