ESEE is a diverse, friendly and inclusive society open to scholars, practitioners, decision-makers and activists who are keen to understand and act upon social-ecological crises and advance alternatives that enable ‘living well within limits’. You will feel at home within ESEE if you are open to inter-and transdisciplinary work, and your research and actions cover topics like environmental and intergenerational justice, systems change, the commons, biophysical accounting, environmental values, environmental governance, degrowth, post-growth, and ecological macroeconomics.

Special rates for students and low-income mebers. More info here!


ESEE is the European branch of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), providing a network for ecological economics in Europe.

ESEE offers several benefits to its members:


Network and collaborate with ecological economists on cutting edge research for societal impact across Europe and around the World 


Participate in initiatives of the ESEE Board that aim to synthesise research for societal impact, such as Staying Grounded, the ESEE podcast, ESEE summer schools, changing curricula, etc.


Be eligible for reduced registration fees at ISEE/ESEE events, including ISEE/ESEE conferences


Stay up-to-date about job openings in the field, research funding opportunities and events (e.g. via our quarterly newsletter, social media channels and website)


Be eligible to stand as a candidate in the ESEE Board

Besides receiving benefits, you have the chance to share your knowledge and expertise to:

  • Advance the methodological and conceptual foundations of ecological economics
  • Create a community of critical scholars who are ready to change the world
  • Spread ideas of intergenerational and environmental justice, degrowth, or diverse values across academic fields and policy arenas
  • Advance knowledge exchange and co-creation between scholars, teachers, students, practitioners and policy-makers


You can become a member of ESEE by registering at ISEE and indicating your willingness to join its European branch.

Membership options and prices for one year:

  • Level 1: $15 for income less than $15,000
  • Level 2: $35 for income between $15,000 and $30,000
  • Level 3: $70 for income between $30,000 and $60,000
  • Level 4: $110 for income between $60,000 and $90,000
  • Level 5: $130 for income $90,000 and over
  • Student members: $15 or free, see details below

As a student you have two membership options: 

Active student members: You are an ordinary paying member of ESEE/ISEE with full membership rights, but you will still be registered as a student in our files. This membership status implies that you are also granted the special right to vote for student members of the ESEE Board, stand as a candidate for student member representation on the ESEE Board and are allowed to pay student rates at our conferences. 

Non-paying student members: You are a member of ESEE only, but obtain this status for free. You have the same rights as paying ESEE members, except that you do not have any voting rights. You will receive the same benefits as paying members of ESEE like reduced conference fees, newsletter, etc. However, as a member of ESEE only, you will not acquire any of the ISEE-specific benefits. We encourage you to upgrade to a regular membership once you are a PhD candidate or upwards. Please email for the free non-voting ESEE membership for now. For a regular membership (including active student membership) please register here:

Registration for non-paying student membership will soon be available here.

With your financial contribution you help us to co-fund summer schools, training events, our website and social media support. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our community!

The ESEE Board