“Decolonising knowledge production” – Brototi Roy and Alexandra Köves in new Economics For Rebels episode

This week, Economics for Rebels host Alexandra Köves speaks to Brototi Roy about colonialism and environmental justice.

Decolonising knowledge production – Brototi Roy

Ecological economics is about finding ways to achieve environmental and social justice in our sustainability transitions. However, justice is a fragile and ambiguous concept, and it is in the eye of the beholder where it gains meaning. Colonialism did not end with previously colonialised countries gaining their freedom. It lives on in our global culture, economy, social processes and in the perception of self-worth in all of us. Science is no exception. Knowledge production is still vastly biased towards Western, masculine, often cartesian values. As transformation is only likely to be successful if we transcend currently dominant paradigms, decolonising knowledge production is key not only in terms of justice but also in terms of finding adequate solutions. In this episode our guest, Brototi Roy – ecological economist, political ecologist and Degrowth researcher from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Central European University – sheds light on why.