The Sixth International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases (NCGG-6) Science, Policy and Integration

From November 2 to November 4, 2011, the Air Quality and Climate Change Section of the Netherlands Association of Environmental Professionals (VVM) organizes the Sixth International Symposium on science, implementation and policy aspects of non-CO2 greenhouse gases (NCGG-6). NCGG-6 will be held in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and will address both the role of non-CO2 greenhouse gases and aerosol in human-induced climate forcing and options for reduction in industry and society.
The symposium aims to remove barriers between policy, industry and science and fosters the dialogue between scientists, engineers and officials in industry and government working in this field from different perspectives. This multidisciplinary approach is expected to

yield realistic and achievable mitigation solutions that significantly lower NCGG emissions.

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