Season 2 of Economics for Rebels with Alexandra Köves and Sophus zu Ermgassen: Communicating Ecological Economics

The first Episode of Season 2 of the Economics for Rebels podcast is out now!  Alexandra Köves returns to Season 2 of the podcast with a new co-host, Sophus zu Ermgassen. As Alexandra explains, “I am absolutely delighted to have Sophus on board. He decided to have his first podcast interviewing me. Hence, this episode is me and him chatting.”

Alexandra and Sophus kick off the second season with a discussion on how to communicate the insights of ecological economics.

To see ecological economics implemented in practice at the kind of scale needed to remain within the planet’s safe operating space, ecological economists need to effectively communicate and win the public battle of ideas that underpin what policy paths countries go down. Today’s interviewee is our host Alexandra Köves, who has been publicly communicating the ideas of ecological economics for years as the host of both this show but also one of Hungary’s most popular science podcasts. She talks to the show’s new co-host, Sophus zu Ermgassen. We talk about the narratives that ecological economics can use that appeal best to the public, and the general attitudes towards ecological economics in Hungary. Alexandra’s work has revealed a surprising pattern: when different groups of people are encouraged to envision their ideal future, their vision consistently aligns with the vision of a just and sustainable society aligned with the goals of ecological economics. How can we appeal to the hidden ecological economist in all of us?

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P.S. Episode 2 of Season 2 of the podcast is already in the works, too! Sophus will talk to Tilman Hartley in the next episode, so stay tuned.