Planet Under Pressure: new knowledge towards solutions

The conference will be held 26-29 March 2012 in London and will discuss solutions, at all scales, based on the latest scientific evidence. It will provide scientific leadership for the Earth Summit, Rio +20, also in 2012.

Guiding the direction for the conference is the International Council for Science’s five grand challenges for global sustainability research: observations, forecasting, responses, thresholds and innovation. The conference will also support international assessment processes, for example the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the new biodiversity assessment, plus the Millennium Development Goals.

The London conference will act as a platform to strengthen and

enlarge the global-change research community and mark a move to a new vision for global-change research. It will bring together leading social and natural scientists and young scholars, to create a new understanding for tackling global sustainability challenges. Working across scales will be a strong theme for the conference. The event will include strong policy interaction. The programme will be designed to attract policymakers, industry, health specialists, and many others, particularly from the developing world. Scientists will be encouraged to discuss options and solutions.

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