New podcast episode! Can a sustainability transition do justice to the Global South? – with Roland Ngam

This week, Economics for Rebels host Alexandra Köves speaks to Roland Nkwain Ngam about the intrinsic ties of hegemonic capitalism and injustice:

“The world as we know it now is built on a history of colonisation and even today massive parts of the world are being economically and culturally colonised. Our guest today, Roland Nkwain Ngam believes that hegemonic capitalism is both the creator and consequence of the brutal exploitation of black, brown and white bodies, women’s backs, nature and all the commons that we were all meant to enjoy equally. As the ecological crisis we are witnessing today is a direct consequence of hegemonic capitalism, we need ways to overcome it in a manner that it repairs rather than deepens these injustices. But can it be done? And if yes, how? Hosted by Alexandra Köves.” Edited by Aidan Knox.