International Conference "Territory and Environment: from representations to action"

This conference takes place on December 8-9, 2011, Tours (France) and aims to produce an overview of research in Western countries over the last forty years on the theme “territory and environment”. It proposes to sum up the transformations that have taken place in the building and implementation of social and spatial representations, from the viewpoint of environmental issues.
The idea will be to address the question of reciprocal influences, on the one hand of environmental issues on transformations of “territorial practices” and on the other hand of effects on the environment of these spatial practices and their regulation. In this context, the organizers hope to focus discussion on the results of these transformations in actual practices, governance, decision-making processes and the various modes of intervention of political and technical actors – expert or not – taking part in the

territorialisation of environmental policies and the ecologising of planning practices.
This bilingual conference will bring together international researchers around three main thematics:
Axis 1. New scales of environmental and planning policies
Axis 2. The environment as a new norm for local policies
Axis 3. The renewal of government actions

The paper proposal form and all relevant information are available at the following address:

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