Economics for Rebels: “Rich and famous vouching for change?”

The ESEE podcast #EconomicsForRebels is back! This week host Alexandra Köves (and ESEE VIce-President) speaks to Edouard Morena about philantrophy, “the rich and famous”, climate breakdown and system change.

“More and more of the rich and famous are taking up climate activism and try to convince the world that we all need to act now. But what is their message? Ecological economics is about realising that business-as-usual no longer works. Instead of techno-optimism, we need real system change. But what exactly are climate elites saying? What is the role of philanthropy in climate politics? And how does this all feed into sustainability transitions? Do they help our cause or just defer fundamental change? Today’s guest, Edouard Morena helps us figure this all out.”


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