A University Academic Fellowship in “Sustainable and Resilient Cities”

A University Academic Fellowship in “Sustainable and Resilient Cities” is currently available at the Sustainability Research Institute of the University of Leeds. The deadline for applications is September 30th 2015.

This fellowship is a very attractive tenure-track position: it is research-focused, not tied to any specific project. Its duration is five years, with gradually increasing teaching load designed to protect research time, followed by a promotion to Associate Professor if the fellow’s performance is satisfactory.

The role summary is attached. Please forward to anyone you believe may be interested. Applications should be submitted online here: http://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/ENVEE1075

For more detailed information:

Prof Jouni Paavola:  J.Paavola@leeds.ac.uk

Dr. Julia K. Steinberger:  j.k.steinberger@leeds.ac.uk

SEE Role summary

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