Tim Jackson on ESEE podcast: “Just how far is beyond growth for policy makers?”

Tim Jackson is the guest on the #EconomicsForRebels podcast this week. Host Alexandra Köves and Tim discuss the importance of “top-down” and institutional policy change for a livable future.

“Ecological economics is all about staying within planetary boundaries while providing prosperity for all. This, however, means that we desperately need to transcend both our growth-centred worldview and our fully growth-dependent economic and social systems. The solutions proposed by ecological economics cover messages of true political nature. While bottom-up initiatives are incredibly important in this transition, drastic top-down policy changes would make a massive difference. Our guest today, Tim Jackson is most certainly among those top ecological economists who are in constant liaison with policymakers trying to influence their decisions to move towards beyond growth institutions. In today’s podcast host Alexandra Köves is asking him, just how far is this concept beyond the political rationale for today’s decision-makers?” Edited by Aidan Knox.