Results of the ESEE Board elections held in winter 2012

We had 7 candidates standing for the various positions open in the board (President, 2 Vice-Presidents, and further board members). Exactly 100 members of the 338 ESEE members in 2012 voted, so that the 20% quorum was fulfilled.

Candidates and results:

1. Irene Ring | President | 89%

2. Tatiana Kluvánková-Oravská | Vice President | 74%

3. Erik Gómez-Baggethun | Vice President | 82%

4. Begüm Özkaynak | Board Member | 86%

5. Lenka Slavíková | Board Member | 79%

6. Juha Hiedanpää | Board Member | 79%

7. Leslie Carnoye | Student Representative | 90.6%

As we had fewer candidates than positions open in the ESEE Board, all candidates have been elected. The constitution foresees 9 – 15 board members, and we now have 12 board members as a result of these recent elections, including our two student representatives (Jasper Kenter and Leslie Carnoye).

The term of office of Sigrid Stagl (President), Marina Fischer-Kowalski (Vice-President), Klaus Kubeczko (Secretary) as well as board members Ines Oman, Janne Hukkinnen, Giorgos Kallis and Unai Pascual ended. We would like to cordially thank them all for their active engagement in the ESEE Board.