Results of the ESEE Board elections held in December 2017

We have been holding two separate but parallel elections during the last month to fill the positions of seven Board Members and of two Student Representatives. Now, we can proudly present the results.

In the board member elections, 108 members of the 221 ESEE members in 2017 voted and the 20% quorum was fulfilled. And, as announced on the ESEE website, we had ten candidates standing for the seven board member positions for the term 2018-2020. Therefore, we had kindly invited ESEE members to vote for up to a maximum of seven candidates and results are as follows (elected marked with *):

  1. Brent Bleys | Candidate for Board Member | 34%
  2. Federico Demaria* | Candidate for Board Member | 56%
  3. Pınar Ertör-Akyazı* | Candidate for Board Member | 66%
  4. Timothy J. Foxon* | Candidate for Board Member| 66%
  5. Nina Janasik-Honkela* | Candidate for Board Member| 44%
  6. Jasper Kenter* | Candidate for Board Member | 50%
  7. Bernd Klauer | Candidate for Board Member | 39%
  8. György Pataki* | Candidate for Board Member | 60%
  9. Elke Pirgmaier* | Candidate for Board Member | 61%
  10. Gaël Plumecocq | Candidate for Board Member | 39%

According to these results, Timothy J. Foxon, Jasper Kenter and György Pataki have been reelected and Federico Demaria, Pınar Ertör-Akyazı, Nina Janasik-Honkela and Elke Pirgmaier are our new board members.

In the student elections, 14 of the 32 active student members in 2017 voted and the 20% quorum was again fulfilled. We had two candidates standing for the two open positions of student representatives.

We asked whether ESEE active student members support these candidates for the respective positions and here are the results:

  1. Ernest Aigner | Candidate for Student Representative | 86% Yes; 14% No
  2. Sarah Hafner | Candidate for Student Representative | 79% Yes; 14% No; 7% Abstain

According to these results, Ernest Aigner and Sarah Hafner are our new student representatives.

We would like to cordially thank all nominees and ESEE members who took part in the elections and congratulate all candidates who have been elected.

On behalf of the election committee,

Begum Ozkaynak, ESEE Secretary