New episode of #EconomicsForRebels out now! This week’ s topic is “Ultrasociality”

New #EconomicsForRebels podcast out now!

This week, host Alexandra Köves speaks to Lisi Krall.

You can listen on Spotify (link below) or your favourite podcast app.

Ultrasociality: human cooperation at its extreme

Since the establishment of agricultural societies, humans have turned themselves into a super-organism that is now jeopardising not only its own existence but also the survival of many other species. Our capacity to organise ourselves, to divide labour, to even sacrifice individual gains for the benefits of humanity has trapped us in a system that is expansionary and full of co-dependencies. The jury is still out whether we can turn this around and once again become just one of the species that occupy this Earth. Today’s guest Lisi Krall explains us what ultrasociality is. Look out for her new book entitled Better harvest: Inquiry into the war between economy and the Earth coming out in Spring 2022.

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