New episode of #EconomicsForRebels on Degrowth – with Alexandra Köves and Jason Hickel

New podcast out now – host Alexandra Köves (ESEE Vice-President) speaks to Jason Hickel about the interrelation between the social and economic crises, and why #Degrowth is the answer to both.

Degrowth is a research field and a social movement that aims to transcend the primacy of economic growth and transition societies to an ecologically more sustainable and socially more just world. Overcoming our environmental sustainability hurdles through mainstream approaches like eco-modernisation does not even try to tackle the problems of social injustices like inequality. Our guest, Jason Hickel argues that the root of environmental and social problems is the same and through Degrowth we can address both of them at the same time. In this episode we talk about the solutions suggested by Degrowth to both sustainability and more equality.