New #EconomicsForRebels Podcast on Living Well Within Limits, with Andrew Fanning

Living well within limits, Andrew Fanning, EconomicsForRebels, Alexandra Köves

New episode of #EconomicsForRebels!

This week, host Alexandra Köves speaks to Andrew Fanning from Leeds University about Living Well within Limits.

“A common argument in favour of capitalism is that the world has seen unprecedented rise in living standards in the past 200 years: no more dangerous jobs, better access to education and health services, significant drops in the prices of basic provision, higher life expectancy, less famine. So, can we also argue that all this is worth it even at the expense of environmental degradation? Doughnut economics is about finding the right balance: the safe and just space where human societies can operate on local and global levels. Today’s guest, Andrew Fanning with his co-researchers has studied how nations are doing in striking this balance.”