New Economics for Rebels episode focuses on international environmental agreements

In this week’s Economics for Rebels, host Sophus zu Ermgassen speaks to Niak Koh on the lessons to be learned from human rights law on how to improve the effectiveness of international environmental agreements.

Improving the effectiveness of international environmental agreements: lessons from human rights law – Niak Koh

“Various global initiatives have emerged to try to address the degradation of the living world, but despite decades of implementation we’ve had limited success at changing that trajectory. Why? Dr Niak Koh is a sustainability scientist based at the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. In some of her recent work, Niak has focused on what biodiversity agreements can learn from the implementation of international human rights agreements, which have historically been more successful. So, what are the secrets behind better international agreements? Hosted by Sophus zu Ermgassen.” Edited by Aidan Knox.