Economics for Rebels SEASON FINALE! – Corinne Baulcomb on teaching ecological economics


This week’s episode is about the joys of teaching ecological economics and how to do it really well – with Corinne Baulcomb, Director of one of Europe’s largest EE programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

Corinne’s been running the programme for much of the last decades, and through trial and error has sussed out:

  • What teaching methods really stick, & the journey of how they got there;
  • What gets students excited;
  • What they struggle with;
  • Whether to teach neoclassical econ in EE;

This episode is part pedagogy lecture, part just a wonderful celebration of the experience of learning ecological economics and having your eyes open to a whole new way of seeing how the world works.

The episode ends with uplifting reflections on our place as ecological economists in all of this.

Happy summer all our listeners!