Ecological Economics and Environemental Justice (Online Interactive Course)

EJOLT is running an online course “Ecological Economics and Environmental Justice”, taught through civil society organisation (CSO) case studies across a broad range of topics with a particular focus on the theme of environmental justice.

It will run from mid/late January to mid/late May (tbc).

This interactive online course takes

place over sixteen weeks. It has been designed for activists interested in understanding and applying the tools of ecological economics and political ecology to their work, and for researchers of the sustainability sciences interested in the real world application of the concepts and methods of ecological economics and political ecology in the field of environmental justice.
A fee to cover running costs will be charged. This will amount to approximately 200€, including the cost of a course textbook and other electronic training resources.

Trainees order their own text online (hard copy or electronic) from retailers such as Amazon, Book Depository, or Routledge.
For more information, please visit: