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Ecological Economics Assistant Editor

Ecological Economics (ECOLEC) is looking to hire an Assistant Editor

The journal Ecological Economics is seeking a part-time Assistant Editor to support the Editors in various activities.

The Assistant Editor’s responsibilities include the following:
• Content acquisition: commissioning and editing special issues with an open call and in cooperation with guest-editors; work with the International Society of Ecological Economics (ISEE) to develop special Issues. Target: 3 proposals for special issues/call for papers per year. Upon acceptance of the proposals, prepare call for papers, find (guest) editors, and invite potential authors.
• Assist the Editors-in-Chief in their strategic actions, such as e.g. continuously overseeing the field of ecological economics as well as competing journals in terms of potential topics, editors, authors and reviewers; developing relations with academic communities and Societies of relevance to Ecological Economics.
• Manage the relations between the Editors-in-Chiefs and the Editors as well as the Members of the Editorial Board: monitor performance, identify the need for updates, etc.
• Identify “real problem papers”: papers that are stuck somewhere in the system for some reason, identify the causes of the problem, report those to the handling Editor or the Editor-in-Chief, and follow-up until solution. Handle any ethics cases when needed.

Ideal candidate’s profile
The ideal Assistant Editor:
• has an academic qualification (Bachelor-, Master- or PhD-degree) in the field of ecological economics
• has excellent communication skills, in written and spoken English, on academic matters and with target audiences who are very diverse in terms of research expertise, professional experience, culture, gender, etc.
• has outstanding organizational talent, and can oversee and manage a complex system of multiple and overlapping tasks, with responsibilities distributed between several actors
• is effective, reliable, diligent and careful in carrying out tasks
• has the technical abilities to efficiently employ the electronic systems provided by Elsevier (Editorial Manager, ScienceDirect etc.) and other public database systems (Google Scholar etc.)
• works independently and can easily organize and motivate themselves

Details of the appointment
• Duration: Initial agreement is from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2023. This agreement may be renewed upon mutual agreement.
• Workload: The position is expected to involve approximately 10 hours per week.
• Application deadline: 1 September 2021. Please send your application to Sandra Broerse at
• For inquiries and details about the Honorarium please contact

ESEE Podcast: Economics for Rebels

The world is on fire. We have to radically and rapidly transform every aspect of society to stay within 1.5 degrees of global warming. How is this possible? And how do we do this in a way that is fair? Ecological economists integrating ecological and critical social perspectives have long been working on ideas to bring about just sustainability transformations. This podcast aims at communicating these ideas in order to open them to critical discussion, from global problems to people’s everyday lives.

Economics for Rebels Podcast - The International Society for Ecological  EconomicsThe International Society for Ecological Economics

The first four episodes are already available on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and include conversations with ESEE’s president ‪Erik Gómez-Baggethun, with Simon Mair, Inge Røpke, and Julia Steinberger.

Work in progress

ESEE has only recently moved to this domain and, in the process, we lost some of website content. This is why the most ‘recent’ posts are in fact rather dated. We’re working behind the scenes to shape up the site again – in terms of content as well as form! Thanks for your patience.