Alexandra Köves speaks to Halliki Kreinin and Tahir Latif in new podcast episode “Transforming batshit jobs”

In a new episode of the #EconomicsForRebels podcast, host Alexandra Köves speaks to Halliki Kreinin and Tahir Latif about the need to transform paid work, as well as strategies to achieve this transformation. This podcast episode introduces another book chapter in the new Strategy & Degrowth book coming out later this year.
In the podcast as well as the book chapter, the aviation sector is brought up as an example of a “batshit job” sector (socially and ecologically harmful sector) in need of a Just Transition.

Staying within planetary boundaries means that our consumption patterns must change. This is ever so true when it comes to environmentally highly detrimental activities such as flying. But today’s reasoning goes that if we reduce flying, not only do we give up on enjoyable pursuits as consumers, but we also jeopardise the livelihood of those working in the industry. The work that destroys the environment for the sake of short-term profit is often called a “batshit job”. How can we transform these industries for the sake of ecological sustainability while providing a just transition for those employed in them? Today’s guests are Halliki Kreinin and Tahir Latif and we talk about necessary changes in labour and the just transition to a more sustainable society using the aviation industry as an example. This topic also appears in a book called Degrowth & Strategy: how to bring about social-ecological transformation coming out in June 2022.

If you are interested in the book, please check out this website:

Degrowth & Strategy