Academic positions (all levels) in marine modelling, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

The Marine Modelling group at University of Strathclyde invites
applications at all academic levels (lecturer/reader/professor) to the
Strathclyde Global Talent Programme in the area of “modelling of
marine ecosystems.”

We particularly want potential applicants to note that the research specialities of interest are quite broad, including but not limited to

– Fisheries stock assessment
– Fisheries oceanography
– Population dynamics from plankton to top predators
– Trait-based and diversity-resolving approaches
– The changing Arctic; European marine resources; challenges facing the global South

– Regional hydrodynamic modelling
– Earth-system modelling and climate downscaling
– Socioeconomic dimensions, including valuation of ecosystem services
– Environmental impacts of fishing

The four of us in the Marine Modelling Group are happy to discuss draft applications prior to the university-wide call, which closes 24 Sept.

More information HERE