11 PhDs – Political Ecology – 1 at HU Berlin

The European Network for Political Ecology (ENTITLE) offers 11 generously-funded three-year PhD scholarships available to candidates from all over the world. ENTITLE is an EU-funded Initial Training Network whose aim is to promote European resear

ch and advanced training on the field of political ecology, including: the study of the commons; social metabolism and environmental conflicts; movements; disasters; ecological democracy; and environmental justice. Successful applicants will be hosted in one of the participating institutes of the network in Barcelona, Coimbra, Manchester, Lund, Berlin, Athens, Istanbul or Santiago de Chile. For information on eligibility criteria, conditions and application procedures visit www.politicalecology.eu; or email for further information entitle2012@gmail.com. Deadline for applications: 20th of April 2012.

The Berlin Partner of the Network will host one Ph.D. student who will be situated within the newly created Guest Professorship on Environmental Governance which counts on tight working relations with the Division of Resource Economics (http://www.agrar.hu-berlin.de/struktur-en/institute-en/wisola-en/fg-en/ress-en/standardseite) at the Department of Agricultural Economics in the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Within the overall aim of ENTITLE – the advancement of the theory, method and social relevance of political ecology and its maturing into a distinctive supra-disciplinary field – partners at Humboldt-University contribute an institutionalist approach to the analysis of changing forms of access, use and understanding of the natural environment by different social groups and actors, and the analysis of conflicts this generates. Theories rooted in institutional ecological economics, political science and sociological institutionalism will be brought to bear on this subject. While the members of the Berlin group work on a whole variety of issues related to environmental conflict and social-ecological change, specific expertise has been gained in the areas of water, marine and coastal governance, related conflicts and social-ecological transformations. Studies addressed multiple levels and cross-scale dynamics in Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Thus, PhD project proposals in these substantive and theoretical fields that employ innovative methodologies to study specific cases are particularly welcome.

The two groups involved at the Humboldt-Universität offer a dynamic, interdisciplinary and internationally oriented research environment, excellent

facilities, language support (English and German) and access to a broad range of graduate and postgraduate courses (in English). Applications are welcome from individuals that wish to actively contribute to the field of political ecology and our newly founded network by advancing the understanding of the role of institutions in environmental conflicts, social-ecological governance and change. For further information on the position at Humboldt-Universität, please inquire with Dr. Andreas Thiel – a.thiel@staff.hu-berlin.de .

In order to apply for the position at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and find further information, please follow the general application procedure indicated on www.politicalecology.eu .