Student and early career discussion groups and mailing list

To ease communication between student and early career ESEE members, we have set up an email list and LinkedIn discussion group in addition to the ESEE Facebook page. Posting on either is open to all subscribers. The email list is particularly meant for sharing events and announcement that may be useful to other ESEE members. The LinkedIn group is particularly useful for discussions and requests – e.g. you may be looking for useful paper references, you may be looking for help or feedback in preparing teaching materials, you want someone to informally review a paper, you may be looking for funding sources etcetera.

ESEE 2013 “BEST STUDENT PAPER PRIZE” (deadline : June 6th, 2013)

For students only: The ESEE Board and ESEE 2013 organising committee are happy to inform you that a Best student paper prize will be awarded, at the end of the conference, during the closing plenary session scheduled on June 21st. 4:00 – 4:30 pm. To be eligible to the prize, candidates must have a full paper ready in English and send it to the following email address:, by June 6th, 2013. To be reviewed and eligible to the prize, the first or only author of the paper must be a student. Of course, papers written by several students are also eligible to the prize. To enter, the paper also needs to have been accepted for presentation at the conference.
The prize includes a set of recently published books offered by the publishers present during the conference and a three-year free ESEE membership. Furthermore, the student prize committee (composed of ESEE Board members and ESEE 2013 organising committee members) guarantees the winning paper a refereeing process that will lead to at least an “accepted with major revision” publication status in “Environmental Policy and Governance”.

INDEMAND Research Fellow posts and fully funded PhD scholarship (deadline 12th May 2013)

Three research fellow and one fully funded PhD position is available in the Sustainability Research Institute, University of Leeds. The jobs

are part of a new five year research centre called UK INDEMAND that will explore how to reduce the UK?s energy demand through changing our demand of materials and products across the whole supply chain. You will be working with the research team of Professor John Barrett.

  1. Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow in Energy/Ecological Economics (40 months)
  1. Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow in the Governance of Sustainable Pathways (40 months)
  1. Research Fellow in Material Flow and Input-Output Analysis (24 months)
  1. Fully funded PhD scholarship (3.5 years funding)