Call for ESEE Conference 2024 Organisers

Call for #ESEE2024 organisers

ESEE holds its conference biennially. These conferences normally attract 400-550 social and natural scientists. We met in Leeds in 2015, Budapest, Hungary in 2017, Turku, Finland in 2019, and this year’s meeting is in Pisa, Italy on 14-17 June 2022 (postponed  from 2021):

For 2024, we are now looking for groups based at a university or research institute who might be interested in applying for organising the next ESEE conference. The ESEE Board offers advice and support based on past experience and key points have been summarised in a conference handbook. We encourage people with enthusiasm for the field of ecological economics and for bringing people together to express an interest.

If you are interested, please send an Expression of Interest by 15 July 2022 to Tim Foxon, ESEE Conference Committee Chair, at or talk to any of the ESEE Board members at the Pisa conference.